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Season tickets on sale from Monday

  • Post published:24 May 2023

We’re pleased to announce that season tickets for the upcoming 2023/24 cinch League Two campaign will be on sale from Monday at the Stranraer FC Fitba’ Bar.

Ticket sales will begin on the following dates:

  • Monday 29 May: 2pm to 4pm
  • Wednesday 31 May: 12pm to 2pm
  • Saturday 3 June: 11am to 1pm

The current financial climate dictates that the cost of running a part-time football club like Stranraer FC is becoming more impractical and unaffordable by the day.

Despite the cost of living crisis continuing to spiral out of control, the last thing we wanted to do was ask our dedicated and loyal fan base for something which they could not give, in order for them to support the team which they love.

Stranraer FC could not survive without you, and we want to do our best within our means to show how much you mean to us.

That is why despite the cost of everything else in life rising over this past year, the price of season tickets for Stair Park will remain the same:

  • Adult – £200
  • Concession – £135
  • 5 to 16 Years Old – £50

Admission prices also remain as follows::

  • Adult – £15
  • Concession – £10
  • 5 to 16 Years Old – £5
  • Under 5 – FREE

The starting bracket age for youths has been lowered from 12 to 5 in line with other clubs in the league, and while not ideal, the purchase of a season ticket would equate to less than £3 a game.

For further details/enquiries on season tickets, please contact Angela Herron by phone on 07702711088 or email at

The end to last season saw boosted attendances and optimism with the arrival of Scott Agnew, who is unbeaten in his three games as Stranraer FC manager.

We hope that we can all work together and build upon this positivity surrounding the club at this current moment in time, and help lead us into a successful and memorable year ahead.