We offer live streaming coverage of occasional cup ties and other fixtures via our Stranraer FC LIVE broadcast service, where broadcasting restrictions allow.

Any upcoming live streams will be announced ahead of time, and available to purchase via our social media channels on the morning of each game.

How to watch

When a live stream is available, you can follow these instructions to watch Stranraer FC LIVE:

  1. Run our internet speed test to check your connection is capable of streaming video in 1080p high definition. Your download speed must be over 10mbps for a steady picture. See these tips on how to boost your internet speed.
  2. Use the stream link from our Twitter or Facebook feed on matchday to register and pay for your chosen stream before kickoff.
  3. Return to the stream link and watch the stream.


This is an in-house service run by supporters on a voluntary basis.

The stream is monitored by the camera operator, who will investigate and fix any issues with the live broadcast as quickly as possible.

We are unable to help with technical issues related to your own device, software, connection, equipment, or any external website.

Broadcasting restrictions

Broadcasting restrictions reintroduced since the COVID-19 lockdown mean we can no longer stream regularly in the UK and Ireland.

Any live stream provision is now subject to these broadcasting restrictions being temporarily lifted for the date in question. Please note we also need to consider projected viewership, financial viability and volunteer availability.