Stranraer Football Club,
Stair Park,
London Road,

Phone/Fax: 01776 703271


  • Chairman: Iain Dougan
  • Vice Chairman: Ged Molyneux
  • Treasurer: Alex Thomson
  • Safety Officer: David McMillan
  • Media Officer: Gary Redhead
  • Match Secretary: Andy McIntyre
  • Head of Hospitality: Robert Rice
  • Other Committee Members: Iain Alldred, Stewart Marshall, Sandy Sutherland, Steven Hardie, Bill Paton
  • Honorary President: David Logan
  • Honorary Vice Presidents: Bobby Irons, Peter Muir, Donnie Nelson, Jimmy Sproule, Ian Stevenson

Football staff

  • Manager: Scott Agnew
  • Assistant Manager: Peter Weatherson
  • First Team Coach: Scott Robertson
  • Head of Youth Development: Allan Jenkins
  • Club Doctor: Yusuf Rushdi
  • Groundsman: Colin Agnew

Office staff


  • Gary Redhead (Media Officer – Social Media)
  • George Frank (Media Officer – Video, Website, Streaming)
  • Cameron Ritchie (Interviews, Features, Commentary)
  • Laurence Nelson, Brian Martin (Commentary)
  • Bill McCandlish (Photography)
  • Mike McLean (Matchday Announcer)
  • Colin Ferguson, Simon Sullivan (Video)
  • Craig Murphy (Graphics, Video)

Beyond the Bandstand

  • Programme Editor(s): Vacant
  • Desktop Publisher: Vacant
  • Programme Contributors: Cameron Ritchie, Charles Rigg, Rob Mason, Brian Martin, Bill McCandlish, Glenn Coulter