Top scorers

All competitions

3 – Orr
2 – O McDonald
1 – Robertson, Armour, Dolan, Lang, Fleming


2 – Orr
1 – Dolan, Lang, McDonald, Fleming

Top assists

All competitions

3 – Dolan
1 – Fleming, Robertson, Williamson


1 – Dolan, Fleming, Robertson, Williamson


PositionName2023/24 start/sub2023/24 clean sheetsTotal start/subTotal appearancesTotal clean sheets
GKMartin McDonald12/0212/0121
GKGeorge O’Connor0/209/4131
GKLewis Budinauckas 0/000/000


PositionName2023/24 start/sub2023/24 goalsTotal start/subTotal appearancesTotal goals
DEFScott Robertson9/31323/1734016
DEFCraig Ross9/1077/2795
DEFSean McIntosh12/0066/2681
DEFKyle Girvan9/0043/0431
DEFCammy Williamson7/207/290
MIDMatty Grant2/0029/6355
MIDGrant Gallagher4/10287/1129813
MIDJosh Walker6/3046/38849
MIDDean Hawkshaw1/2035/24593
MIDDylan Forrest11/1040/7472
MIDBen Hughes3/703/7100
MIDJames Dolan11/1111/1121
MIDKyle Fleming12/0112/0121
MIDCarter McKane0/100/110
MIDMackenzie Strachan0/100/110
FORThomas Orr10/2337/74414
FORBen Armour12/0112/0121
FORDeryn Lang1/411/451
FORConnor Phillips0/100/110
FOROlly McDonald1/621/672

* Out on loan or no longer with the club