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Q&A: Robbo at 300

  • Post published:8 September 2022

His appearance on Saturday at Ochilview Park means Scott Robertson is in prestigious company.

The fans’ favourite made his 300th appearance over two spells with Stranraer and is already looking to the future.

We decided to test the first team coach on how well he knows his time at the club, and also those he has played alongside.

1. Who did you make your debut for Stranraer against?

Robbo joined Stranraer in 2013

Oh God, I don’t know. Who would it have been? It must have been a league game and Rangers were in the league that year. We played them in the second game at home. Was it Brechin? I scored in that game as well.

First game was against Dumbarton, where Stranraer won 4-2, with goals from Sean Winter, Martin Grehan and a double from Chris Aitken.

2. You’ve scored 13 goals for Stranraer and they have come against 10 teams. How many of the teams can you name?

Scoring at Cliftonhill as Blues captain back in 2018

Brechin, Queen’s Park was the last one, East Fife, Peterhead… Albion Rovers. That makes seven goals and Stenhousemuir makes eight, I’ve scored twice which makes nine. That is a hard one. I cannot even think of half my goals. I’m trying to think of the actual goals to see if it brings back who it was against. I don’t think I’ve scored against Cowdenbeath. I don’t know if I am going to get any more. Airdrie, I scored a header against Airdrie.

One of the teams, it was not at Stair Park and it was not at their home ground.

It was a neutral venue? I’ve no idea.

The two clubs missing are Ayr…

How did I forget that?! I’m a Killie fan, how did I forget Ayr?! It was at Somerset Park as well.

The other was against Kelty Hearts in the Scottish Cup and it was played at Raith…

That was a good header as well.

3. How many seasons have you spent at the club?

Robertson has been virtually ever-present in the Blues across nine seasons


4. Who did you make your second debut against?

Making his ‘second debut’ in July 2019

I don’t think I’m going to get this one. Was it in the group stage of the cup? Who could it possibly have been? Clyde?

It was Falkirk, at Falkirk.

5. How many managers have you played under at Stranraer?

Robertson played under Brian Reid from 2015 to 2017

It would be Ginge (Stevie Aitken), Reidy (Brian Reid), Faz (Stevie Farrell) and Hammy (Jamie Hamill). There would be four plus Chris Aitken for Aberdeen in the Scottish Cup.

6. I began my career at Ayr United. I have played for Stranraer, Dundee, Falkirk, Clyde and Hibs and I am now with Partick Thistle. Who am I?

Mitchell moved on from Stair Park in 2015

He moved to Dundee from Stranraer? It’s Mitch, David Mitchell.

7. I have played in France, England, Cyprus, Thailand and Scotland. I have scored against Arsenal and scored on my debut for Stranraer. Who am I?

Nadé and Robertson played together in 2016

Nadé, Christian Nadé.

8. Two players in the current Stranraer squad have scored more goals than yourself for the club. Who are they?

Robertson celebrates with Craig Malcolm after the striker’s goal against Dunfermline in 2016

Jinky and Duff… Jinky and Malky by about 100!

9. I played more than 85 games for Stranraer after joining for Wrexham. Earlier in my career, I replaced my brother for my only appearance for that club. Who am I?

Cameron Belford signed in 2016 and was part of the side which narrowly missed out on promotion

Cammy Belford.

10. One of your current team-mates played against Panathinaikos and in the next game that he played he scored against Ayr United?

Duffy in action for Rangers against Panathinaikos in December 2013

Somebody that is my team-mate now? Played against Pan​athinaikos and is a team-mate now? In an actual game, rather than a friendly? Oh my God, I cannot think who that could possibly be.

Darryl Duffy.

A complete list of Robbo’s team mates…

As a bonus, here’s a full list of the various players who have lined up alongside Robertson in those 300 games – see how many you can remember!

2013/14 (22)

Chris Aitken, Steven Bell, Ryan Borris, Mark Corcoran, Mark Docherty, Adam Forde, Grant Gallagher, Martin Grehan, Lloyd Kinnaird, Jamie Longworth, David Macgregor, David McKenna, Frank McKeown, David Mitchell, Scott Rumsby, Andy Stirling, Stephen Stirling and Sean Winter.

Not used: Dean Agnew, Kieron Maxwell, Kyle Rafferty and Kieren Wood.

2014/15 (13)

Chris Fahey, Willie Gibson, Jackson Longridge, Craig Malcolm, Anthony Marenghi, Sam McCloskey, Jon McShane, Craig Pettigrew, Barry Russell and Danny Stoney.

Not used: Matthew Deazeley, Andrew Downie and Daniel Tobin.

2015/16 (21)

Adam Asghar, David Barron, Cameron Belford, Connor Brennan, Paul Cairney, Max Currie, Liam Dick, Dale Keenan, Calvin Kemp, Lee Mair, Jamie McCluskey, Peter McGill, Mark McGuigan, David McGurn, Luciano Nequecaur, Liam Rowan, Kevin Schmidt, Ryan Thomson and Kyle Turner.

Not used: Nathan Brown and Keir Samson.

2016/17 (21)

Scott Agnew, Ross Barbour, Michael Donald, Andrew Johnstone, Amadou Kassarate, Evan Maley, Chris McGowan, Giuliano Morena, Christian Nade, Morgyn Neill, Joe Nuttall, Smart Osadolor, Craig Thomson, Luke Watt, Jack Whittaker and David Wilson.

Not used: Euan Brown, Mark Dempster, Mitchell Ewing, David Richardson and Jack Sherry. 

2017/18 (22)

Grant Anderson, Jonathan Baxter, Angus Beith, Dylan Dykes, Cameron Elliott, Jamie Hamill, Dean Hawkshaw, Tom Lang, Ross Lyon, Cameron MacPherson, Stephen Okoh, Gavin Scott, Ryan Wallace and Paul Woods.

Not used: Fraser Burns, Adam Caldwell, Jai Holland, Hamish McKinlay, Ryan McLaren, Kieran McLaughlin, Eric Phillips and Zack Simpson.

2019/20 (25)

Reece Agnew, Jordan Allan, Dale Burgess, Adam Cummins, David Dangana, Dean Fyfe, Lee Hamilton, James Hilton, Denny Johnstone, Robert Jones, Lewis McIntyre, Connor McManus, Harry Mitchell, Leon Murphy, Carlo Pignatiello, David Smith, Ian Smith, Ryan Stevenson, Mark Stewart and Joao Victoria.

Not used: Robbie Adair, Lewis Dunn, Scott Phillips, Jordan Ross, Danny Wilde.

2020/21 (12)

Sean Burns, Tom Devitt, Darryl Duffy, Greg Fleming, Kieran Millar, Tom Orr, Ruari Paton, Ayrton Sonkur, Ally Taylor, Josh Walker and Matty Yates.

Not used: Jamie Walker.

2021/22 (16)

Jack Baker, Anton Brady, Sam Ellis, Ross Irving, Ruaridh Langan, Curtis Lyle, Sean McIntosh, Joe Moore, Tommy Muir, Michael Mullen, Emily Ngoy, Josh Rennie, Craig Ross, Ross Smith, Luke Scullion and Broque Watson.

2022/23 (6)

Scott Dunn, Dylan Forrest, Kyle Girvan, Matty Grant, Scott McLean and George O’Connor.

Total = 159