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Update regarding club business

  • Post published:30 May 2021

Shaun Niven, Vice Chairman

In the wake of the ongoing issues surrounding the club, I’ve been working to schedule our business over the next short period to ensure that our priorities are achieved at what has become a difficult time.

Over the next days we will be conducting the following:

Agreeing and announcing an Annual General meeting (AGM) date.

This meeting will be scheduled before the end of June and details of same will be sent to members in due course. The meeting will be a socially distanced event and therefore capacity limitation may have to apply – hence the reason maximum numbers need to be confirmed now.

All existing members are reminded that their fees of £15 for 2020/21, if not already paid, are due and requested to make payment to the club secretary no less than 7 days prior to the AGM. Members will appreciate the need to ensure this information is checked and verified in good time for the meeting.

We can confirm that all new membership requests received prior to today’s date will be processed in time for this AGM.

Tomorrow’s committee meeting will be the last one before the AGM, therefore any new member requests received from today’s date onwards will be for 2021/22 and be processed through the first committee meeting post AGM (refer to point 1 above) and valid in time for AGM Part 2 when the accounts are ready in August. As per club protocol the fee will be set at the AGM.

Please note that all arrangements around AGM will be in accordance with Scottish Government protocols relevant at the time and as a result may be subject to changes. This has yet to be confirmed.

That workload above is limited on purpose while the remaining committee members pick up additional workload and juggle our real-life commitments too. We need to ensure that any time spent in the forthcoming days will be focussed on our current managerial vacancy and recruitment and in liaising with our playing staff to ensure that when any process takes place we are ready to make the right appointment and give our incoming manager every chance to hit the ground running.

Yours aye

Shaun Niven
Vice Chairman, Stranraer FC
30 May 2021