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Back the blu

  • Post published:24 May 2023

As the final player from last season that the manager was keen to keep has put pen to paper, the work to entice new recruits to Stair Park is underway.

Despite currently on his summer holiday, the phone calls and communication is constant, with Aggy not wanting to let the grass grow in his search to strengthen our squad, in what is a very competitive market.

That is where you come in.

We are aware that we have to back the manager in his quest and ambitions for the club as much as possible, as we fully expect League Two to be as challenging and as competitive as last season.

The club needs the full backing of our support, in our goal to back the manager.

Without our fans and your support in fundraising and money generating enterprises, we will fall short in our competitiveness in the signing market.

The recent appointment of Scott has brought an overwhelmingly positive feeling back to Stair Park, and is something in which we want to do our utmost to build upon.

So encourage lapsed fans or even first-timers to give a Saturday at Stair Park a go.

Back the club, back the manager, let’s get right behind our team in blue and see where the journey leads us.

#monblu 💙