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Buy a brick on our Supporters’ Wall

  • Post published:20 April 2023

Stranraer FC supporters have the chance to help raise funds for the club, whilst becoming quite literally engraved in the brick work of Stair Park for the rest of time.

Our new Buy a Brick programme offers three different options of bricks at varying prices, which will be displayed on the newly devoted Supporters’ Wall by the home gate at the McLean’s Taxi Stand.

Supporters can have a name, business name, or any other message engraved onto their chosen brick, as long as it fits within the space available (3 rows, 27 characters available per row).

This is a one off payment, which means once purchased, your brick will go on to the Supporters’ Wall at Stair Park and remain there forever.

The club also guarantees the maintenance of your purchased brick, to ensure our Supporters’ Wall remains vibrant and visible at all times, for all supporters to be proud of.

Bricks are now available online – as of right now!

  • White = £100
  • Blue = £150
  • Gold = £250

Complete the simple steps on our club website to ensure the purchase of your brick ASAP.

For those unable to purchase a brick through the online format, paper copies of the brick request forms will be available and can be returned with payment via the office at Stair Park.

We thank all of our dedicated fans for their continued support, and look forward to seeing all of your names forever engraved on the place we all call home.

For any further information or enquiries, please email: