Player sponsorships are available for the 2017/18 season, priced at £50 plus VAT.

You can now sponsor a player quickly and easily via our online store:

1. Purchase your sponsorship.
2. You will be listed as a player sponsor on the website and in the matchday programme.
3. Contact the club to arrange a convenient date to get your photo taken with your chosen player.
4. At the end of the season, we'll arrange for you to receive your chosen player's match-worn shirt.

Sponsor a player now

Cameron Belford Scott Robertson Liam Dick
1 - Cameron Belford 2 - Scott Robertson 3 - Liam Dick
Anthracite/Pink: Heather McLean
Yellow/Black: Heather McLean
Sky Blue: Claire Fergusson
Red/Black: Bill & Rhuri Paton
Home: Glen and Austin Corbett
Away: Peter Cummings
Third: Andrew Barber
Home: John McDonald
Away: David & Ian Stevenson
Third: Conrad Kalnins
Sold out Sold out
Sold out
David Barron Morgyn Neill Tom Lang
4 - David Barron 5 - Morgyn Neill 6 - Tom Lang
Home: Tony Cottam
Away: Brian Savage
Third: Available
Home: Rab Pirrie
Away: Neil McIntyre
Third: Ronnie McIntyre
Home: Janet Thomson
Away: Andy Barber
Third: Available
Sponsor Sold out Sponsor
Paul Woods Steven Bell Ryan Wallace
7 - Paul Woods 8 - Steven Bell 9 - Ryan Wallace
Home: Kerr Sutherland & family
Away: Finlay Niven
Third: Available
Home: Euan Home
Away: Bob Storie
Third: Wendy Anderson
Home: Reece Procter
Away: Derek Sloan
Third: Available
Sponsor Sold out Sponsor
Scott Agnew Grant Anderson Chris McGowan
10 - Scott Agnew 11 - Grant Anderson 12 - Chris McGowan
Home: Alan McNally Jones
& Christine Jones

Away: David Murray
Third: Matt and Andy
Home: Robert and Craig Rice
Away: George Frank
Third: Available
Home: SFC eBay Shop
Away: Available
Third: Available
Sold out Sponsor Sponsor
Max Currie Stephen Okoh Sam Lidington
13 - Max Currie 14 - Stephen Okoh 15 - Sam Lidington
Anthracite/Pink: Ellie Black
Yellow/Black: R C Wallace
Sky Blue: Ellmoll Builders Ltd
Red/Black: Keavy Kennedy
Home: Cathy Frank
Away: Pogo & Rhys Patterson
Third: Martin Goodfellow
Home: Gordon Niven
Away: SFC eBay Shop
Third: Available
Sold out Sold out Sponsor
Kyle Turner Cameron Elliott David Gray
16 - Kyle Turner 17 - Cameron Elliott 18 - David Gray
Home: Brian Martin
Away: Andy Hannah
Third: Amylouise Turner

Home: Ryan Kelly
Away: Janet Thomson
Third: Ian Fulton

Home: Mark Gray
Away: Alison Brown
Third: Brian and Alison Gray
Sold out Sold out Sold out
Angus Beith 1 Ross Lyon  
19 - Angus Beith 20 - Ross Lyon  
Home: Darren Robinson
Away: Mon Blue
Third: Bruce & Laurence Nelson
Home: Tim Leslie & Becca Murdoch
Away: Available
Third: Available
Sold out Sponsor
Jamie Hamill Ryan Thomson Danny Stoney
22 - Jamie Hamill 23 - Ryan Thomson 24 - Danny Stoney
Home: Alex Smith
Away: Jim Kirk
Third: Michael Watson
Home: Stuart & Jim Monteith
Away: Andrew Stirling
Third: Andrew Preston
Home: John McDonald
Away: Billy Norton
Third: Darren Robinson
Sold out Sold out Sold out
Dylan Dykes Cameron MacPherson Dean Hawkshaw
25 - Dylan Dykes 3 - Cameron MacPherson
6 - Dean Hawkshaw
Home: Sam Mathers
Away: Available
Third: Available
Away: Available
Third: Available
Home: Margaret Hawkshaw
Away: Friday Night Fun Club
Third: Available
Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor
  sfarrell1617 Chris Aitken
  Stevie Farrell Chris Aitken
Tracksuit: Reserved
Coat: Janet & Ian Barber
Tracksuit: Bob Storie
Coat: Trevor Datson
Sold out Sold out