Top scorers

All competitions

3 – Yates
2 – Gallagher, Watson
1 – Josh Walker, Duffy, Rennie, Woods


2 – Gallagher, Yates
1 – Duffy, Rennie, Watson, Woods

Top assists

All competitions

2 – Watson, Yates, Gallagher
1 – Woods, Sonkur, Moore


2 – Watson, Yates
1 – Woods, Sonkur, Moore, Gallagher


PositionName2021/22 start/sub2021/22 clean sheetsTotal start/subTotal appearancesTotal clean sheets
GKCurtis Lyle5/015/051
GKJamie Walker0/000/000
GKLuke Scullion7/027/072
GKJack Baker2/002/020


PositionName2021/22 start/sub2021/22 goalsTotal start/subTotal appearancesTotal goals
DEFJamie Hamill*0/00121/51264
DEFScott Robertson14/01262/1027211
DEFAyrton Sonkur8/0235/0352
DEFSean Burns14/0031/1320
DEFCraig Ross12/0012/0120
DEFSean McIntosh8/008/080
MIDGrant Gallagher14/02238/624411
MIDKieran Millar**5/0033/0330
MIDJosh Walker6/716/12181
MIDRuaridh Langan1/701/780
MIDJoe Moore3/803/8110
MIDPaul Woods11/3135/17523
MIDDean Hawkshaw2/308/9170
MIDRoss Irving3/703/7100
MIDBroque Watson8/018/081
MIDRoss Smith8/008/080
FORDarryl Duffy1/1122/10329
FORMatty Yates11/2314/17318
FORTommy Muir2/302/350
FORJosh Rennie2/712/791
FOREmile N’goy2/302/350

* First team manager, not expected to play
** No longer with the club